Female Latex Condom

The Female Latex Condom which we offer is made of latex. At around 9cm (3. 5 inches) the Female Latex Condom is shorter than the FC2. This Female Latex Condom has a rounded triangular frame at the open end and a sponge inside the closed end, which helps to anchor it inside the vagina. The Female Latex Condom is lubricated and does not contain spermicide. Oil-based lubricants should not be used with this Female Latex Condom as they can damage latex.

About Female Latex Condom :
  • The VA has received the CE mark for distribution in the European union, but has not received FDA approval.
  • The world health organization is due to review the product following the results from a 2011 clinical trial.

Benefits Of Using Female Latex Condom :
  • It provides an opportunity for women to share the responsibility for condoms with their partners.
  • A woman may be able to use the female condom if her partner refuses to use a male condom.
  • The female condom will protect against most STDs and pregnancy if used correctly.
  • The FC2 female condom can be inserted in advance of sexual intercourse so as not to interfere with the moment.
  • The FC2 female condom is made of nitrile, which can be used with oil-based as well as water-based lubricants. No special storage requirements are needed because nitrile is not affected by changes in temperature and dampness. In addition, nitrile conducts heat well, so sensation is preserved.

Other Female Condoms :
  • Cupid female condom (produced and distributed in India)
  • Phonenurse female condom (produced and distributed in all over the world)

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